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02 January 2018

63% employees in India are disengaged. They are called Working Zombies. Working zombies provide poor customer service and scare away potential customer.

12 December 2017

According to the research, there are high chances of employees being dissatisfied if they continue their job which offers no room for personal development and advancement. They might search for a new job if the work environment is not healthy for their growth.

28 November 2017

Have you ever encountered an organization where the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing ? What happens in such an environment? Lots of duplicated activities, lesser teamwork, employees end up doing repetitive things and what not!

21 November 2017

In many organisations, most of the employees’ time is spent on day-to-day manual work. This increases the time consumed on a particular task which reduces the efficiency of business organisations.

14 November 2017

Many businesses have in-house payroll teams to manage the processes manually which is tiresome and error prone. On the other hand, for outsourced payroll processing, the issue of security and data leaks arises.

31 October 2017

21st century is considered as an “Era of Automation”. Automation has benefitted many business functions and helped them to increase their productivity and reduce manual errors which in turn has improved their profits and made them more competitive in the market.

07 November 2017

In many organizations 60% of Human resource management teams spend most of their time on the process of employee data management, answering employee queries, payroll calculations and many other manual activities.