Recruitment and Onboarding

Stress-Free Onboarding from Day One.

Automate CV parsing and screening qualified candidates. Track & configure applicant progress in a single window. Float follow-ups for scheduled interviews in one go to multiple employees. Basically, make your Talent Acquisition perfect and proactive using uKnowva’s Recruitment Engine.

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Recruitment Requisition

Publish Attractive and Modern Job Openings

  • Create requisitions, vacancies, and openings and post jobs to your job boards directly from the module to your company’s platforms on linked job sites.

Candidate Sourcing

Right Hire is a Click Away

  • Easily setup and manage to conduct competency-based exams for talent hiring. With a single click, you may find applicants from numerous employment boards. Use artificial intelligence to discover the best applicant for each position.


Automate Hiring Pipelines

  • Create pipelines which are unique steps through the interview stages, to guide candidates and organise the entire process with the hiring team. Each pipeline can be configured to automatically trigger actions when a candidate enters a stage.

Applicant Tracking

Track Applicant Progress

  • Between the hiring team and many open positions, there's bound to be lots of activity each day in the process of finding and hiring your next great employee - keep track of the activity on the main dashboard.

Offer Management

Make and Manage Favourable Offers.

  • Compare payslips of previous employees on the same post and allow your organisation to make proper offer management with and help secure top talent and efficient hiring practises.

Pre Onboarding and Onboarding

Acquire New Talent Flawlessly

  • Automatically send your hired candidates to the onboarding tool found in the HR module for a seamless transition and great first experience to all new employees on your team.

Career Portal

Integrated Job Portal for Direct Hiring

  • Candidates can find the current job openings to apply for on the career portal. These are automatically posted from job openings registered in uKnowva. Later, the system stores applicant’s data as a lead to streamline their screening and interview scheduling process.


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