Performance Management

Set – Track – Reward Goals for Employees like a Pro.

uKnowva Performance Management system encourages 360-degree reviews, accurate goal set-up processes, and manager- and self-evaluations to periodically measure and monitor employees’ efficiency.

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360 Review and Feedback

Inculcate a 360 Review and Feedback

  • Analyse and Increase employee engagement by providing significant praise and encouragement, as well as by creating real avenues for employee progress with monthly, Quarterly or Annually feedback. A 360-degree review turns a one-way evaluation into a two-way process, assuring accountability and feedback from beginning to end.

OKRs/KRA and Goal Setting

Set & Monitor OKRs/KRAs

  • Set company goals and performance objectives with uKnowva Performance Management Software, laying the groundwork for a company's future development, growth, and success. align these with company initiatives and vision via the goal tracker included in the performance module.

Self and Manager Evaluation
Authenticate Your Performance Value

Create a fully customizable performance review management system where direct reportees can receive feedback directly from managers. This feedback can then be used for performance improvement plans, raises, and promotions. Also schedule self-reviews for employees to allow for reflection and self-awareness for improvement in performance.

Use Scorecards for Justified Performance Evaluation

Create scorecards to assign values to performance for easy reporting and overtime to compare past performance with present performance. Use scoring methods to determine raises or promotions.

Succession Planning

Plan for Smooth Employee Transition

  • Pre-screening developing talent to replace executive, leadership, or other important personnel when they transition to another capacity which allows you to keep track of high-potential individuals who will be able to fill top management roles when they become available.


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