Core HR

Interactive self-serving portal to stream your lengthy HR activities.

uKnowva HRMS instance design is fun, easy, and appealing to users’ eyes. It is an experience for every user to remember while completing their Core HR activities, from managing employee data to drawing analysis for executing corrective measures.

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Employee Profiles

Easy Employee Data Management

  • Feed, store, add, and configure massive employee data using custom fields like employee skills, hobbies, organisational chart for their smoother transition in the company. Retrieve the same data within a few clicks as you add and configure roles and permissions in the HRMS.

Leaves & Attendance

Virtual Solution for Attendance Approval

  • Keep a track of attendance with virtual biometric login. Allow employees to apply for leaves and keep a transparent track of leave approval.

Workflow Automation

Hub for Workforce-Centric Automated Process

  • Automate tiresome, mundane, redundant, and lengthy HR tasks prone to human errors. Empower your new and existing workforce with uKnowva’s workflow automation utilities. This results in exponential growth in end-to-end workflow efficiency.

Probation & Exit Management

Easy Probation and Smoother Retirement

  • With a fully modifiable Probation module, you can thoroughly monitor the growth and abilities of the newly recruited employee and empower your employees with an ESS resignation module that includes a workflow-based resignation approval procedure as well as built-in notice and alarms with an FnF processing that is fully automated, including inputs/recovery and dues.

Interactive Helpdesk

A Helpdesk for All Employees

  • Need Assistance with Login? Forgot your password? Registration of Retired Employees Please contact the HRMS support if you have any problems. Employee complaints and requests should be managed and resolved as efficiently as possible.

Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Simple and streamlined management of company assets with no room for confusion or errors. Prevent assets to be moved or changed without approval and create an online trail that records the location, condition and ownership of an asset at any given time.

Advanced Documents Repository

Create Cloud-Based Document Repository

  • Smart documents repository enables you to access all employee and company policies within a few clicks. Company policies are customisable and accessible to staff to learn. Employee documents vary from certifications, educational proofs, payslips, passports, licences, appraisal reports, etc.

Customised Calendar

Track Projects and Events on the Calendar.

  • The calendar on uKnowva is a necessity under the Projects & Timesheets core feature. It helps you track every project, event, task, and milestone. It can track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly events in advance. You will know the ongoing activities in the team and plan for the next project in the timesheet accordingly.


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