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Vendor/Manpower Tracking System

uKnwova’s Channel Manpower Tracking System is a complete solution to track the applications of executives and vendors who have joined/resigned/been terminated or about to join your company. This system helps track the progress of a vendor’s application right up to the time that the vendor is accepted or rejected according to company policies. Even after acceptance, this system tracks the vendor’s relationship with the company and records all communications like warnings.


View details of all empanelled vendors sorted product-wise, regions-wise and location-wise. Also receive auto emails with regular updates.

Add/Edit/Delete Vendors

Easily add new vendors for empanelment. Edit their information as and when required, and delete a vendor if required. All these activities become easier and more streamlined with this system.

Track Any Application

Right from the time an application for a vendor’s empanelment is submitted to the time the process is completed, the Managers can track its status at any point in the system. This gives the process the required transparency.

Regular and Timely Updates

Regular updates are sent via email to the process managers, admins and the vendors regarding the statuses of the applications. This helps the process proceed smoothly and reduce delays.

Track Vendor/Outsourced Employee Attendance

Once a vendor is accepted into the system, all the attendance, leaves and working hours are tracked by the system. This way, all the information related to the vendor is available at a single location.

Similar to vendors, outsourced employees’ attendance and leaves are also tracked by this system.


Every submitted application is checked for fraud and compared with previously rejected applications to prevent blacklisted vendors from getting empanelled into the company. This ensures the authenticity of all applications.

Vendor Registrations and NDAs

Once a vendor has passed all tests and is accepted by the company, his registration and NDA drafting are handled by this system. The required documentation travels to the necessary users till it is drafted and accepted.

Customized Workflows

The workflow for empanelment of a vendor, or even an outsourced employee, can be customized as per the requirement of each client. This allows the client to have complete ownership over the process.

Immediate Vendor Status

The status of every vendor (Absconding, Resigned, Dismissed) can be extracted from the system with a single query.

Automatic ID Generation

Once a vendor is successfully accepted, he is assigned an ID by the system. This ID is the unique ID by which he will be identified for the duration that he is associated with the company. This eases the HR’s responsibilities of assigning IDs to new vendors.

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