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Turbohire Integration

Turbo Hire helps analyze and place appropriate "Talent Value" on each candidate in pipeline. With proprietary datasets, Turbo Hire helps to close hiring decisions in minutes rather than weeks. It uses AI to automatically unearth relevant profiles for your company positions, such that you can avoid several screening rounds before making an offer and find more time to interact with right candidates.

This plugin acts as a bridge between uKnowva's recruitment engine/Application tracking system and Turbo Hire. It pushes all CVs to Turbohire for analysis, it also helps you spot right talent  and syncs them with the status of candidate in uKnowva's recruitment engine and vice versa.

You can learn more about Turbohire on and uKnowva's recruitment engine on

Category: Recruitment and Hiring
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Rajat Pal

Rajat is from Convergence Team. He likes to learn about new and happening things in tech. Loves listening to song & watching movies

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1 Nov 19, 2018 2.5.1 and up