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Timesheet/Utilization Tracking

uKnowva's timesheet management tool allows you to track the productive work hours of your employees.

It helps you in tracking billable time to charge customers, assessing if the result is worth the input with efficient time tracking, reports and billing.

It will automate all reminders and emails while assisting you to understand the exact time spent on individual activities with derivative reports and logs.

uKnowva Timesheets appeals to all size organisations, looking to manage their employees’ time more efficiently. The tool helps to get a comprehensive overview of every minute spent at work.


  • Daily, weekly and monthly timesheets
  • Entries approval and lock
  • Configurable permissions, reports, budgets and currencies
  • Minimum punch in time parameters can be set
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Project Profitability Report
  • Target Speedometer Reports
  • Analysing project profit, costs, and billings
  • Export timesheets in various formats
  • User performance and stats
  • Dashboard to see your team’s performance
  • Billing customers for completed tasks
  • Project & task management
Category: Human Resources
Developer Details
Kamran Khan

Kamran is a Senior Developer in the uKnowva Team. He is one of the fastest coders who prefers solitude to stimulate his creative mind.He can binge-watch an entire Netflix series while he codes!

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1.7.0 May 30, 2021 2.5.1 and up