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Suggestion Box

uknowva's Suggestion Box extension is here to help you utilize inputs from your employees.

This virtual suggestion box lets your employee share their inputs/suggestions targeted to various departments along with the means to assign these inputs to the relevant team members.



  1. Virtual 'suggestion box' lets employees provide input/feedback.
  2. Suggestions can be grouped/steered towards specific departments
  3. Lets you select the area of suggestion
  4. Suggestions can be allocated to one or multiple team members
  5. Automated notifications can be sent to employees to let them know about their suggestion
  6. It allows employees to keep a history of the suggestions they have submitted and track the status of each.
  7. Lets user attach different files/docs while submitting the suggestions
  8. HR/Admin get to review/study the analytics of the level of feedback/suggestions received in an organisation.
  9. Analytics reports can be instantly extracted to a CSV file or PDF
  10. Evaluate these suggestions by clicking on Like or Dislike buttons.



  1. Builds greater engagement between employees and the company by allowing seamless interactions.
  2. Automated notifications allow visibility into the process.
  3. Organisations get to tap into great ideas suggested by employees.
  4. Optimize organization processes to the best of employee needs with regular feedback/suggestions.
  5. Enhanced employee engagement and morale


Category: Human Resources
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Ashwin Verma

Ashwin is one of the PHP Developer in the uKnowva Team. His perseverance and passion to excel at any coding exercise comes from his deep rooted craze for boxing!

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