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Project Management App

This Tool comes with useful productive applications to get your work done faster and accelerate your everyday productivity. Project management is one of the core features of uKnowva business and enterprise editions that allow you to plan, organize and collaborate on various internal projects and tasks with your colleagues.


Project Management Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your ongoing project. You can see events for the current week and task created for the project along with time tracking. Dashboard also gives you one click access to create new task, new topic for discussion, event and new file to upload. Manage your task by creating new milestone and setting deadline and priority for it. Dashboard is an easy way to keep an eye on your project without going through each and every detail.


Create one or multiple projects and manage it efficiently to maximize your productivity. Invite team members to be part of your project, you can also let others to participate in the project by making it public and accepting their request. Organize the project by giving it a start and deadline so that your work gets done in stipulated time. You can also keep track on time for your project to get an overview whether you are on schedule or not. The project also features a smart and intelligent filter that helps you sort and find any kind of project or task in a jiffy.


Tasks are the activities that can be created under project so that each task can have a certain start and deadline. You can manage the progress of the task and set priority level to reflect the completion of the task. Break down the task by creating milestones that allows you to have a more focused approach towards your work. While creating and assigning tasks to the team members you can also suggest them topics from the knowledge section that helps them save time in locating information and get work done faster. The powerful search feature allows you to find tasks or milestone you are looking for instantly.


The file section of Project management feature allows you to create new folder, upload new file or insert important notes and attach them to the task. So if you have a team member working on a product manual then giving him a data sheet document will help him complete the work faster and in a much better way.


Calendar planner streamlines your work and helps you efficiently manage your project by tracking tasks, events, projects and milestones. Get latest updates on tasks scheduled or assigned and keep all of them in one place. Sort the calendar by month, week or day and make your work easier and keep greater control on the on-going activities in your organization. No matter how big your team is Calendar planner will take care of everything.


While working on various projects and tasks you can create discussion centered around on your work and get share rich knowledge with your team members. This way it becomes easier to find subject matter expertise and get your work done faster.


Every project or task comes with deadline and to complete a project successfully you need to know whether you are on time or not. A time sheet helps you track project and tasks by entering the number of hours you have spend on a particular tasks. On each time sheet you can record the time spent, tasks completed and even add a small note. This helps the manager to find how well to utilize the resources and get maximum efficiency out of them. At the end of each week you can view the total time entered in the timesheet which gives you an overview of the time taken for that week.


uKnowva project management allows you to create all the different groups that can access the project. Once the group is created you can add users in them. You can also define permission for each group what they can do inside any project.

Project Members

Under project member you get information about each member of the project along with their role in the company. See the detail profile of the member just by clicking on their name, add new members, or send private message to them.


Get simple and easy to understand report with a single click and see project activity, milestone, tasks, time spent on projects, timelines, and project progress on a simple to read chart. You can also take print out of the report.

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