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Password Encryptor

This plugins encrypts all the password fields in uKnowva on the clients browser itself. It secrtely then passes this information to server where again it is decrypted and processed. It uses the famous AES algorithm for encryption. Using this plugin, you can overcome one of the OWASP vulnerabilities which is all about password submission in clear text through web browser to a web application.

This kind of encryption is commonly seen in high security web applications like net banking, share trading, etc. With uKowva this is readily available and that too FREEsmiley

You can configure it to work only on the login page or on all pages in uKnowva such that any HTML element with type as password will always be encypted at the browser level and passed through the network. This way you can be sure that your sensitive information will never travel unencrypted over the network irrespective of whether you use HTTPS or HTTP.

Please note: This extension requires the mcrypt extension of PHP to be installed. Please make sure it is installed and enabled on the server before you enable this plugin

Category: Security
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uKnowva Team

uKnowva Team is a part of Convergence Services and is responsible for core development of uKnowva

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