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Multiple Profile Edit

In uKnowva by default the admins only get the rights to edit anyone's profile, but using this plugin you can delegate the profile edit rights to any user. You can also select the fields that the user shall be allowed to edit.

You can create a complete matrix of access control definiting which fields shall be allowed to be edited by which users. You can delegate edit rights to Superiors, Sepcific users, Specific user groups or even by writing a custom PHP logic in the plugin configuration

Example: In your organization, you want to give the access of editing the finance/salary related information to Finance team, Project related information to HR Team and so on, then you can simply install this plugin and configure the access rights accordingly !


Category: Utilities
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uKnowva Team is a part of Convergence Services and is responsible for core development of uKnowva

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1.0 Oct 26, 2017 2.4.4 and up