Meeting Room Booking System

This system enables you to create multiple meeting rooms for your organization. All employees can then pre-book meeting rooms for their meeting as per availability, they can also share meetings with other employees. You can also set access control as to which all user groups shall have access to book rooms. You can also define meeting room admins who shall have explicit rights to add/edit/delete meeting rooms and also change booking in case of urgency. This application is also bundled with a plugin that adds the meetings to your uKnowva calendar.

Add Unlimited Meeting Rooms

The Meeting Room Admin can add as many meeting rooms as are available in the organization.

Separate Admin

This extension has the feature of setting a separate admin who will monitor and supervise the settings and usage. This admin will be set by your uKnowva admin.

Features of Meeting Rooms

While booking a meeting room, the user can easily get to know about the amenities available in the meeting room such as projector, computer, net connection, etc.

Decide who can Book Meeting Rooms

The admin can decide which user groups can book meeting rooms. Once selected, all users under a user group can use this extension.

Calendar View for all Rooms

Every meeting room has a calendar associated with it on which the user can check the room's availability.

Book from Calendar

A user can also book a meeting room from the calendar. The user only has to click on the date required, and enter the information and hit save.

Recurring Bookings Possible

If a user requires a meeting room regularly at the same time, he can book it for the days required. Users have options to book meeting rooms on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

Invite Other Members to Meetings

When booking a meeting room, a user has an option to invite other members to the meeting. Once invited, the meeting is plotted on the members' calendars.

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