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Forever Login plugin

This plugin automatically logs you in your uKnowva instance everytime you open your browser. It uses browser cookies to store your credentials in a highly encrypted fashion and log you into uKnowva automatically everytime you start the instance in your browser. You can configure it to work on selected devices like desktops, laptops, etc. You can also set the cookie lifetime after which the credentials shall expire. If you manually log out from uKnowva then the browser cookies are destroyed. This way you can be sure that your credentials are not stored on other machines. You just need to manually logout to make sure your credentials are not stored.

The plugin is bundled with another system level plugin called: System - Forever Login Helper which together does the trick. If you wish to disable the plugin, then you should disable the system plugin too

Category: Utilities
Developer Details
Nikhil Chaughule

Nikhil is part of the uKnowva team and enjoys programming kool things :)

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Additional Information

Current Version What's new Last Updated On Compatibility
2.0.0 Oct 26, 2017 2.3.3 and up