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Covid-19 Tracker

uKnowva's Covid-19 tracker extension gives you a smart way to monitor your workforce health and improve employee safety.


  1. It enables employees to notify the employer about their health status
  2. Allows an employer to take the necessary action based on their daily health status
  3. Easy for employees to communicate their health status while simply clocking-in( punch in) for the day.
  4. Lets you manage the availability of employee while working remotely or for onsite visits
  5. Lets you track how many employees have been exposed to covid-19, tested positive, recovered from Covid, partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or under home quarantine.
Category: Human Resources
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uKnowva Team

uKnowva Team is a part of Convergence Services and is responsible for core development of uKnowva

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Current Version What's new Last Updated On Compatibility
1.0 May 29, 2021 3 and up