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Assets/Inventory Management System

uKnowva's Assets/Inventory Management System is a complete solution to track the assets or inventory that is used by the employee or users in a Industry.
It helps to store record for In Use, In Stock, Damaged, Scrapped, Sold assets/inventory also helps to track down which user is having which product and how much of them.
It also show which department having which product with quantity and how much of them are In Use, Damaged etc.

Inventory Types
It shows all the Inventory that a single company is having with them and User can add multiple inventory which he/she wants to add in system and to track that asset.

It shows list of all assets/inventory in a table. Also it shows how much of them are In use/Live or In Stock or Replaced or Damaged etc. also it shows how much assets are acknowledged or not.

Add/Edit Delete Asset
User can easily add new asset/inventory. Edit their information as and when required and delete asset when not required. All these activities become easier and more streamlined with this system.

Inventory Search By Type
User can be able to search the assets by its type i.e user can select any of the asset from the list and can see how many of the users are having that asset.

Inventory Search By Username
Assets can be search by the username in which we have to add username and search for how many of assets are assigned to that perticular user and which of them are In use and damaged etc.

Asset History
Here user can see all the history of the perticular asset i.e Who add the asset to whom, who assign the item to whom etc. all the details are showing on page only we have to enter Serial number of that asset.

Import Items
Instead of adding single item user can add multiple items at a time using import items option, user has create csv having multiple items and have to upload that file.

Download Excel
If user want csv file having all record about assets, which user using which item etc. can download csv file using download excel option.

Assign Multiple Items
User can assign multiple items to a particular user or group of user at a same time also we have provide serial number of the items which we have to assign.

Assign Item
Using assign item feature user can assign his/her item to some other user of the same department or of other department, also user can change the status of that item i.e item is In use or damaged or sold.

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