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With the ongoing CoronaVirus epidemic, the world has seen a huge paradigm shift in every possible sector of life and the business world has been no exception! As organisations predominantly shift online, keeping the Work-From-Home spirit of the employees raises new challenges, leaving the companys’ Human Resources Department to do all the heavy lifting. uKnowva, a cloud-based HRMS software, identified that when it launched its innovative, groundbreaking and extremely customizable software that understands the different needs each business has as it caters to over 450 different organisations!  Having seen the numerous responsibilities an organisation’s HR has to juggle between, like negotiating between hiring, onboarding, scheduling, perks, and compliance etc, uKnowva is poised to make its HRMS software a one-stop solution for all HR related activities, making the organisation run more seamlessly and transparently!


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Most firms throughout the world are now making the shift and adapting to such software-based solutions for operations since the turn of the century and technological growth, and almost all businesses operating throughout the world are on the hunt for instruments that will cater to the benefits of the industry's procedure. While there might be many HRMS softwares in the market, uKnowva’s easy and accessible user interface makes it one of the best choices for any business to increase efficiency while also improving the employee experience. The software can also be downloaded as a mobile application, making it much more accessible than most of the other HRMS softwares. uKnowva is one of the top HR management platforms on the market today, bagging “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year” Award in the AI in Talent Technologies Industry by Frost & Sullivan for its excellent operational functional capabilities and dependable module-based architecture that integrates a variety of application-specific dedicated process modules.


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One of the most notable features of the uKnowva HRMS platform is the ability to perform efficient attendance monitoring, time management, and dedicated leave management, which is enabled by the well-defined ESS system which allows employees to take greater control of their leave and attendance management. Not only that, uKnowva, in collaboration with Barrier Break, a Digital Accessibility Consulting firm, has made its software easily accessible to people with special needs to improve their workplace operational efficiencies.


uKnowva also has one of the top HR & Payroll software solutions for accurate pay calculations, employee statutory deductions, and employer contributions. Since giving suitable remuneration for each month, week, or day will be one of the components that will contribute to employee happiness and indirectly affect a company's performance and functioning. With uKnowva, you'll be able to automatically produce payroll depending on each employee's attendance. Furthermore, each employee's fundamental salary data can be defined, and the auto-generated payslips will be based on these, as well as each employee's attendance. Here every process, from TDS calculation to bonus calculation, is automated and updated by government policies. These on-time payments keep the employees more motivated towards their work!

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