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Prevent attrition rates when you

capture employee sentiments

  • Authentic
  • Empathetic
  • EI-enabled
  • Real-time
Empower employees to express their emotions with our personalised Happiness Meter. Win their trust and confidence to retain longer with prompt action on feasible feedback.

answer queries automatically

  • NLP-powered
  • Detailed
  • Transparent
  • Personalised
Reduce the resolution TAT by 55% with Ask uKnowva chatbot to streamline the entire ticketing process and provide quicker employee support at every step of the way.
Build a winning culture with conversations that SPARK

Purposeful Collaboration

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Complete
  • Considerate
Create a more meaningful digital workplace with an interactive and unified social intranet that lets your team share their thoughts, poll, surveys etc., for daily user engagement.
Eliminate the load of mundane tasks with the

power of automation

  • Data-led insights
  • Error-free
  • Scalable
  • BPA
Save time in automating redundant daily activities with generative AI tools like AI Suggest and allow your teams to lead projects with their intelligence for maximum output.
Make successful mission-critical decisions with

real-time analysis

  • Descriptive
  • Diagnostic
  • Predictive
  • Prescriptive
Drive digital transformation of human intelligence at work with the reporting tool. It is the powerhouse of live insights at your disposal to make business-driven decisions easily.

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About uKnowva

Deliver more meaningful and empathetic experiences to empower your workforce with our interactive HRMS software to take your HRM process maturity to the highest level with Automated Chatbots, GenAI Assistance, Interactive Dashboards, Anywhere Accessibility, Configurable and Customisable modules from pre hire to post retire. With a unified, encrypted, people-first, and EI & AI-enabled HR platform, uKnowva digitally transforms your team’s work-life balance, driving a new era of HR for a smarter generation.


Feel More Alive At Work With

Automated & Empathetic Experiences

Streamline 150+ HR processes with our mobile-enabled HRMS features within 1 platform.

Core HR
Payroll & Expenses
Recruitment & Onboarding
Performance Management
Employee Management and Collaboration
Projects & Timesheets

Core HR

A self-serving portal for HRs to streamline their workforce data and daily HR responsibilities. Experience digital HR transformation with core functions at your fingertips. 

Payroll & Expenses

uKnowva’s cloud based HRMS has a simplified Payroll & Expenses management system. It aligns with the required payroll policies to generate regular salaries for registered employees.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Accurate, automated, and paperless recruitment engine is possible with the best HRMS software by uKnowva. Track, manage, and control the efficiency rates of your ATS on the move.

Performance Management

Measure, monitor, and improve employees’ performance management with our purpose-driven, AI-backed, and future-forward performance management system.

Employee Management and Collaboration

Build a DEIB-oriented culture and extend your team's collaborations using uKnowva chats, polls, surveys, and a newsfeed.

Projects & Timesheets

Allocate projects to your workforce flawlessly using the Projects & Timesheets management feature in uKnowva.


Simplify & Secure Your HR Operations

Ease of Use

Rely on our server for your daily usage to streamline HR operations from hire-to-retire. We provide dedicated and trusted client and user management experiences with our intuitive, empathetic, humanised, and automated instance interface, designed for your growing business needs.

Complete data privacy

We are GDPR compliant, SOC-2 certified, and pass Web App Penetration Test reports to secure all user data.

An experience to remember

An instance which you can scroll on any smart device for sleek, seamless, and smoother user experiences.

Be future-ready with us

Conquer your HR woes in seconds with AI tools like AI Suggest and CV Parser.


Emotionally Intelligent

Identify employee sentiments, engagement, and participation to build happy and productive teams.

Self-serving HR Assistant

Redefine how you process relevant information with a self-explanatory HRMS suite and save time for critical decisions.

Powered by Gen AI Tools

Provide instant AI assistance to employees with intelligent conversations with AI bots.

Driven by Actionable Insights

Delve deeper into real-time insights and take corrective actions to eliminate concerns and queries proactively.

Why Should You Need An


The world of work has changed drastically over the last decade. Employees now demand to work where there is a purpose and value attached to each of their contributions. They demand trust, empathy, growth, and equality in workplaces. With AI and EI-driven HRMS software in India like uKnowva, you can achieve that for your high-performing teams. Every click gives you the results and opportunities to outgrow the previous milestones. You have HR, content, and people analytics at your fingertips. Your teams trust you more with open, honest, and constructive feedback on the social intranet and through feedback sessions. The chain of approvals ensures to build the discipline from within and help employees plan their work and life commitment ahead of time.
Similarly, our Happiness Meter is at the heart of the easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement HR management software in India that we provide. It enables talent managers to understand employee sentiment and the graph of their emotions over a period. They make healthy, emotionally intelligent, and professionally resounding decisions based on the candid responses of their employees on how they feel on a particular day at work. Decision-makers and senior management drive 10x ROI by optimising the bottom line with care and precision when they use smart HRMS software in India like uKnowva HRMS. The value they add to their business is through operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, nurturing the top talent, thriving for better outcomes, and keeping them happy and satisfied work-life balance at the centre of it all with uKnowva’s HRMS with a heart.

Build An Engaging

Culture With An Interactive Interface

uKnowva overcomes traditional social intranet challenges and presents the workforce with features they would love to interact and engage with. Our employee engagement software in India has publishing rights, private and group chats, discussion forums, clickable banners, live announcements, and scrollable news feeds for employees to discover every day. They don’t need to be physically present at the office anymore. They build a new-age world of work with our social intranet, accessible even on their smart devices like tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Paperless Pillars Of HR Management With uKnowva

Talent Acquisition

Transform your talent scouting, pre-boarding, and onboarding journey seamlessly with the best HRMS tool in India. Use AI tools like CV Parser and AI Suggest to reduce the workload and double up the efficiency of your recruitment process with uKnowva.

Talent Management

From automatic employee code generation, a dedicated helpdesk to claiming your reimbursements, and exiting fearlessly from the organisation, uKnowva’s HRMS software provides you seamless talent management experience to recount and reshare.

Talent Development

Foster a culture of the winning mindset where your teams are enablers of unprecedented milestones. Develop their performance trajectory inclusive of skills, goals, and KRAs with easy-to-use eLMS on uKnowva’s human resource management software in India.

Talent Engagement

Build healthy work relations on uKnowva HRMS software coupled with an inviting intranet where every click and comment drives a change, making the environment more lively and connected despite the physical distances.


Employee Engagement

Multiply and maximise your employee engagement with Social Intranet on uKnowva HRMS. Let it deliver a gratifying experience from the first click to the last. It is for all registered users to express their voice for a sense of belonging and extending their social reach.


Interact with your teams wherever you go.


Learn and lead with a series of constructive feedback.


Commit, contribute, and captivate with inclusive and diverse ideas.


Extend your collaborations with excellent group projects and events.


Affordability, That’s Us

For every need and budget. Trust uKnowva with additional add-ons available at its extension store in 10+ categories like eLMS, Analytics, Helpdesk, etc.


Lite Edition

*Minimum 50 users required for billing

  • Features List:
  • Core HR

  • ESS Portal

  • Exit Management System

  • Offer Management & Onboarding

*Free up to 10 users.


Extension Store

Build an on-cloud extension store on uKnowva if you have an in-house developer's team. Give employees and clients the ease of doing business with you. uKnowva also has 100+ in-built emotionally intelligent and AI-backed apps to integrate with ERP, HRMS software, and PMS solutions you create and launch on uKnowva.

Investment Declaration
Google Analytics
Login using Authentication
Meeting Room Booking System
Happiness Meter
Skills & Endorsement
Timesheet/Utilization Tracking
Virtual Biometric Attendance System
Organization Chart
uKnowva SSO
Team Member’s Leaves Calendar
Attendance Regularization

Extension Store

Build an on-cloud extension store on uKnowva if you have an in-house developer's team. Give employees and clients the ease of doing business with you. uKnowva also has 100+ in-built intelligent and AI-backed apps to integrate with ERP, HRMS platform, and PMS solutions you create and launch on uKnowva.

Login using Authentication
Timesheet/Utilization Tracking
Virtual Biometric Attendance System
Organization Chart
Team Member’s Leaves Calendar
Attendance Regularization

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is uKnowva HRMS software, and why is it important for businesses in India?

uKnowva HRMS software is a comprehensive tool that helps organisations manage their human resources efficiently. It's important in India because it streamlines HR tasks, ensures compliance with labour laws, and enhances employee engagement.

Is it possible to customise uKnowva HRMS to align with India's specific HR and payroll regulations?

Yes, uKnowva HRMS offers best practices and customisation options to cater to India's unique HR and payroll requirements, such as PF, ESI, and PT.

Can uKnowva HRMS handle multilingual support for employees in India who speak different languages?

Yes, we do offer multilingual support in our HRMS software India, allowing employees to access the system in their preferred languages, which is beneficial in India's diverse culture. Clients need to mention this prior to the implementation process to the tech support and DevOps team.

Why is the social intranet that uKnowva offers unique and special?

Social intranet within uKnowva’s HRMS package is special because it helps employees connect, engage, and collaborate on the move. They can get instant notifications and access to the intranet even when they are outside the office or their usual work locations. It offers features like polls, surveys, birthdays/work anniversaries updates, private and group chats and much more for high-performing employees and teams to continue to connect and collaborate to maximise internal communication’s output.

What makes uKnowva HRMS the best choice for Indian startups?

uKnowva HRMS is the best HRMS software in India for startups because it promotes and fosters operational excellence at cost-effective pricing. Small businesses can find time, space, and resources to scale up when they do uKnowva to streamline, digitise, and automate their pre hire to post retire operations.

Is uKnowva HRMS accessible on Android and iOS operating systems?

Yes. You can access, control, and manage your daily work life on uKnowva HR management software even on Android or iOS operating systems, whether on a mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Is there a free demo available to check out uKnowva HRMS features?

Yes, absolutely. You can connect with our Sales and Support Team here and gain a competitive edge with uKnowva HRMS today.

Any more questions?

Contact our team and reach out with your questions. Thank you!
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